These are some commonly asked questions and their answers. If your question hasn't been answered here, please use the Contact page to email me.

Do you accept commissions?
I do commissions on portraits. Those can be done digitally (Photoshop, Painter) or traditionally (pencil/charcoal on paper). I generally require a reference photo if the commission is a portrait. The prices will depend on detail, size and difficulty, so please email me for more information.

Do you sell prints?
Normally no. If I get enough interest, I will offer prints for sale.

What genre are you working in?
I do realist fantasy for my digital paintings.

Can I use your artwork on my web site?
I get many requests to use my artwork on people's web site's, my answer is yes but I have the guidelines you must follow. All pictures must be properly and correctly credited. Use a text link or a banner (see the Links page) and correct link on the same page that the image appears. Point the links to www.allgraphica.com. My pictures must remain unaltered and proportionally resized when needed. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Can I use your pictures for signatures/email stationary/tubes...?
No, please don't.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
My inspiration comes from legends, folk and fairy tales, also historical events and movies I saw. Old masters that influenced my work are Ingres, Gerome, Alma-Tadelma, Repin, Vasnetsov to name a few.